Why is it that most success advice today sounds like a personal training session? 

Run the rat race. Climb the corporate ladder. Punch the time clock. Hustle!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about speed and efficiency. But when it comes to living a fulfilled life, the key to getting ahead isn’t moving faster. It’s about slowing down. We all have the same 24 hours, and although I’m not recommending you spend that time watching Netflix, I am going to share how slowing down has been the key to our success.

The choice to slow down has to be intentional. It doesn’t mean you’re giving up on your goals or settling for less than your dreams. It’s about being present & enjoying the now. You have to accept that some things simply can’t be rushed. Want proof? Go to Indonesia and talk to a mangosteen farmer. These evergreen trees may grow for more than 20 years before ever producing their delectable fruit.

How can slowing down allow you to work more productively and become more successful? If you’re rushing through life with your head down and nose to the grindstone you’re most likely missing out on opportunities to build valuable relationships with powerful people.


MINDSET SHIFT #1: People (Not Time) Are Your Most Valuable Assets


How often have you heard sayings like, “Your network is your net worth”, “You are the average of the 5 people you associate with”, or “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”? No successful person did it on their own. No one had a meteoric rise to superstardom without help, guidance, & mentorship.

Unfortunately, with all of this exhausting language about hustling is it a surprise to find that we treat our personal relationships with the same haste? Hustle and hard work will only get you so far. It is the connections you make and relationships you build that truly propel you to new heights. Sorry to break it to you, but relationships aren’t formed by hustling.
If your foot is on the accelerator 24/7 and you don’t take time to cultivate relationships, follow up, and create value for others it won’t be long before you experience burn out. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.


MINDSET SHIFT #2: Slowing Down is not a “Waste” of Time

We worked onboard cruise ships for five years and many ship’s mantras were, “If you’re awake, you’re working.” Although we did work 10-12 hours per day, 7 days a week, for months on end, the only reason we lasted 5 years in this grueling environment was because we took time for ourselves. 

Whether it was enjoying the view as we sailed away from the islands, watching the shows, or listening to live music we were intentional about stepping away from the hustle to enjoy our lives at sea. We would visit the lounge areas, have a glass of wine, & chat with guests about their vacation. We would stop thinking about all the work that needed to be done and instead choose to live in the moment.

MINDSET SHIFT #3: Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life

Perspective is an incredible tool. As we all chase our big goals and aspirations it’s important to celebrate the little wins along the way to keep yourself motivated. When we uploaded our first YouTube video we went out to dinner. When we launched our course and got our first paying customer we opened a bottle of champagne and celebrated. Although the big goal is for our online business to change thousands of lives and create more income than our current consulting business we celebrate the action steps along the way that get us closer to the big goal.

Rushing leads to stress and stress leads to mistakes. When you apply the “slow down” mentality and start to realize that life is the ultimate long play it frees your mental capacity to enjoy the now. I vote that it’s time to stop hustling all day every day and instead start focusing on being in the moment, enjoying the present, and building relationships that lifetimes.

There’s no right or wrong way to live. There’s no fast-track to success. There’s nothing but life to be lived. As soon as you realize that every day is a gift, every moment is precious, and you channel that enthusiasm and passion into your long term projects, your success is inevitable.

We may not make a million dollars this year, or even in the next 10 years, but we will continue to grow our business, impact the lives of others, and enjoy the journey. The goal isn’t to “get there” because we don’t know where “there” is just yet. But the moments when we started slowing down, valuing the people around us, & changing our perspective were when our business has seen the most explosive growth.

Hustle hard? You can if you want to. But I’m going to stop and smell the flowers, talk to the gardener, and enjoy the journey.

Brandon Slater & Samantha Field co-founded, Life's Secret Sauce to teach motivated professionals the necessary social skills to master first impressions, build meaningful relationships, & create quality conversations with anyone. After working onboard cruise ships for 5 years the duo moved to land with the goal of "putting the human back in humanity" and aim to help people master the skills we should have learned in school. When they aren't hiking with their two dogs you can find them making YouTube videos & sharing the "secret sauce" to motivated millennials.