“Men’s Grooming” A term that has been around since 1150 BC and yet now rebirthed amongst a new age of gentleman.  Throughout history we have seen people from Samson in the bible to Marlon Brando in Hollywood who were all known for a groomed part of their body.  So there just may be something to this “grooming” thing after all. 


You may already be on a great grooming track or you may have judgments about adding a regiment, but please know that the words masculine and grooming can be used in the same sentence and actually compliment each other.  Now, there are levels to this and they have evolved over time but if you even clip your fingernails, you are already grooming yourself …. So don’t be scurred! 


The word grooming is defined as, “The things you do to make your appearance clean and neat.”  This encompasses your hair, skin, wardrobe, and overall appeal.  I am going to breeze over a few tips in this article but please don’t think you are limited to what is said here.  You have the freedom to look and groom however you please.


When it comes to grooming yourself, it may seem overwhelming with all of the information out there, so below you will find a few simple steps to begin with.  This process when done true to yourself will only reveal the greatest you!

1. Keep a haircut

Whether your hair is long or short there are ways to make sure that it is refined to look as intended.  You could intend to have 3 big locks, a long ponytail, or even a bald fade. Whatever hairstyle you choose; it is best to stay on top of the maintenance.  Most of us know what a fresh haircut can do for our confidence. 


2. Facial hair

If you are going to and able to travel this route, it is important to keep it trimmed and controlled.  Even a duck dynasty member can have a long grey beard as long as it is maintained.  This means combing, trimming hairs that stick out, and making sure it is the correct facial hair for your face shape.  Just like eyebrows on a woman, facial hair on a man can complement or take away from his attractiveness. 


3. Skincare 

YES moisturizer is usually necessary and you would be amazed at the difference in your skin with that simple addition.  I am not telling you to go out and spend $$$$$ on new face wash but lively soft skin is your face at its best!


4. Nails- Honest moment -

Most women like a man who is handy around the house and most men want to be able to fix a sink or two… BUT this does not mean long or dirty nails are acceptable.  These days’ excuses are slim because we even have men’s nail salons!  If going into a salon getting pampered with other men is a stretch for you then keep some clippers by your bed or in your car and you can utilize your down time.  P.S. Please let go of the pinky nail…. Nobody enjoys it! ;-)


5. Wardrobe

Your style should be unique to you, don’t let anyone put you in a box.  What I will say is that unless you are cleaning up the house, it’s best to keep the balled up shirt you found in the corner, indoors only.  With the inter web at your fingertips and sales at a mall near you, most have the opportunity to look groomed no matter the style you choose. 


With all of that said, please don’t stress or worry, these are all steps you can take little by little and watch how your self confidence and the world around you reacts to your new found appeal. 

Any questions?! Feel free to reach out, as New Age Gents is a resource made for you to do just that!

Andrea Pezzillo is a Men's Groomer & Hairstylist. She is also the founder of Trade-Works Foundation a non-profit organization built upon the principle of finding and unlocking the untapped potential of under resourced youth around the globe.