You'll never be able to celebrate until you can find something to appreciate and a party ain't a party until you're having a good time. Gratitude isn't a destination, it's a state of being. Gratitude isn't getting what you want it's loving what you have. Just like it doesn't cost anything to smile, gratitude has been paid in full; gratitude is always now.


The ability to appreciate requires daily strengthening and practice. As ever evolving individuals its no wonder why we are always striving for more or raising the bar. These things are good but you can't have a ceiling without a floor. Gratitude ensures the foundation and assurance of whats been in our lives AND the lives of those connected to us.


"Gratitude isn't getting what you want it's loving what you have."

- Mykell Wilson


Most structures, if not all, fall without a foundation and most relationships and lives function just the same. There must be adequate support to build upon; This makes gratitude a tool not a destination. Daily we have to recall to mind what's right and what's positive. This doesn't mean we ignore the negative it just means we gain control over it by remaining thankful regardless. It means we understand that life is still living so why not use the tool of gratitude to keep building?


We often apply unnecessary expectation to situations and people. We wait for results and spectacular endings but sometimes it is our thankfulness and love that can help paint those things. It is from a grateful heart that we gain a clear mind and a clear mind can travel a further distance because the highways of creativity are open. Gratitude feeds. If we never show appreciation or give praise we will starve our lives and even worst neglect the lives around us. How many relationships and situations have we sabotaged by lacking the patience to see what they were worth? We are life-givers but first we need to be alive! We get what we eat and by default we can only give what we are filled with. When we aren't grateful we fail to feed the potential of what we have and want, we overlook the small things people have done and slowly sink into a hole of nothing is good enough. But how could it ever be if our love won't fill it past empty?


"It is from a grateful heart that we gain a clear mind and a clear mind can travel a further distance because the highways of creativity are open."

- Mykell Wilson


Yeah, I know what you're asking. "How do you expect me to be grateful for what is honestly bad or not right in my life?"  

We've already mentioned gratitude is a tool. Sometimes that tool builds what's needed, sometimes it sees what's there and other times it can unfold the wisdom of what's been experienced. When you become thankful for even the bad you've gone through you've grown bigger than it and can CRUSH IT.  And you have the capacity to give to what was lacking because now you don't need a perfect ending to ensure your beginning; there's always something to appreciate. You can't conqueror what you won't face and you can't gain anything if you're not willing to learn from it.


Appreciation is far beyond getting the results you want but saying no matter what outcome I'm going to learn. Discover what was wrong, what didn't go right, what you didn't like. Find what fell below the standard and then be GRATEFUL you can see the difference between what's light and what's dark.


Knowing is half the battle and the process to discover truth is a journey; You're coming out stronger. With the right perspective it can be understood that dead ends lead to better detours. So it's not that you ignore the bad you've found but that in it you find the wisdom that says I need to change and go around it. 

Gratitude can fill whatever is missing. You don't need anything to have it because you are gratitude, you are it, but it will be nothing if we don't put it into use. Today if you find more things to celebrate and love you'll have less things to hate and by default will have a better appreciation for tomorrow. Today throw a party, one of gratitude! 

Mykell Wilson is a California native who has had much opportunity in the Entertainment Industry. He sought out to be a Senator at California State University, Los Angeles and quickly learned that sometimes your purpose may differ from your dream. After years of struggle he reached a place of surrender and went on a journey to discover his identity as a man and from that discovery found his purpose as a leader. He is a fire-starter of inspiration, a man of faith and a hard-working gifted individual. He is an all around entertainer: singer, songwriter, actor dancer and choreographer; He is also a published author and motivational speaker. His dance has allowed him to work and/or tour with Prince, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, and most recently Justin Bieber's Purpose World Tour. His music has granted radio play and interviews in Europe, New Zealand and Australia of his Debut EP "Sometimes I Sing" And he is sought after to speak on the content of self-development found in his published book, "The mighty Little Book" and his faith-filled testimony. Though he has many gifts and the vehicle may change the message remains, if we live inspired we can proactively combat the difficulties of life. It's always the beginning for him because there is no final arrival in life, only the many destinations his life can reach as he evolves, hopes and dreams level to level. Known to some as Mighty Mykell he aspires to be a living legend and authentically the only Mykell Wilson.