Whiskey cocktails are the name of the game during the fall and winter months (actually, all year round here in the apartment). If you’re one for boozy and spirit forward then you need to know how to make these whiskey cocktail classics. Like, yesterday.



This is by far my go-to whiskey cocktail. Some good, quality bourbon whiskey (or rye whiskey if that’s your preferred cup o’ tea), sugar, and bitters. Please, please, please no muddled maraschino cherries. No muddled orange slices. No added club soda. It doesn’t take much to make a good old fashioned, but it doesn’t take much to !#&@ one up either. Keep this one simple, and spirit forward.



Rye whiskey is the star of the show here. Rye tends to come with a little more bite, so the addition of bitters and sweet vermouth (a type of wine fortified with aromatic herbs) curbs the punch. Although, this punch is worth taking right to the face.



Originally crafted in New Orleans, this whiskey cocktail comes with as much character and funk as the city it was created in. Rye whiskey, sugar, and heavy dashes of angostura and peychaud’s bitters poured into a chilled rocks glass with an absinthe rinse…cue the angel trumpets! The Sazerac is sure to warm your bones during the winter months, and keep you feelin’ fresh in the summer. Feel free to drink this one all year round, it’s that good.




A play on the classic Negroni (gin, sweet vermouth, campari), but just as timeless. The Boulevardier (pronounced bool-var-dee-ay) is a wee bit more of an acquired taste thanks to Campari (an Italian bitter liqueur). Don’t be a baby though, a little bitterness never hurt anyone.



Definitely the crowd pleaser of the bunch. For those of you who aren’t self-proclaimed whiskey lovers (shame on you), this is your go to. Whiskey, fresh lemon juice, sugar, and egg white makes for a refreshing, well-balanced sipper that’ll have even non-whiskey fans nodding their heads in approval.


Elliott Clark is a Phoenix based content creator, avid home bartender, and cocktail enthusiast. He’s a known influencer in the booze and cocktail space, as his charismatic, approachable, and down-to-earth personality has led to a loyal following. In addition to being an influencer, he’s a cocktail consultant and educator, professional food + beverage + interior design photographer, freelance writer,video personality, and blogger.