Life is a funny thing, especially in the modern world. So many strive for greatness, whether it's in immense wealth, credibility, wanting to create “the next big thing” or going down in history as some sort of trailblazer or visionary. Having this kind of passion is truly a beautiful thing. However, so many of us today almost feel pressured into being a hero for the ages. Leaving behind some sort of vast footprint by achieving the impossible. I’m convinced every human being is meant for greatness, but to what end? Where does your legacy lie? 


I believe Legacy shouldn’t be held as such a broad term. 
It's not about having your album hit triple platinum, or winning an Academy Award, the Nobel Peace prize or creating something that could forever change the course of humanity. Now I'm not in anyway attempting to downplay any of those achievements, I just believe your legacy could be something achieved in a more narrow spectrum, something even day by day. Like being a good parent, a faithful partner, an honest son/daughter, a loyal employee, a person devoted to their community, or even a committed mentor. One conversation could forever change the path in someone’s life, thus impacting the lives they touch. To me, that is a Legacy.


I fled out out west like so many others in pursuit of “the dream” leaving my small hometown in the dust. It was only after years of being away, then returning, that I realized how beautiful the simplicity of life really is, or can be. Upon my last visit, I was able to witness something so grand. Something that we take advantage of in our crazy, everyday lives… the four letter word; Love. How blissfully enlightening it truly is. I believe that human beings are here to express love for one another and to encourage one another.


Being able to witness true love is something that you cannot experience through text, or even the movies. Witnessing two humans infatuated with each other, is nothing shy of marvelous. Knowing that they have each others back, that they will fight for each other and believe in one another. Love is not just a spoken word, it is a word of action.  After all, all living things are meant to survive and pro-create, right?

I challenge all of you today (myself included), to truly focus on who you want to be in this world.  Not with menial flash and flair, but with spirit. What can you do to positively impact another life? Could you seek out those in need of you? Whether it’s a request for a humble opinion, an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on or even just some simple insight. I challenge you today to ask yourself, 
What is your legacy?

Nick Shoemaker, born in Annapolis, Maryland. Son of a Carpenter and my mother was a homemaker and is now a nurse. I have battled many things like self hate, depression, ADHD and a mild dyslexia that let into a drug addiction. I am now 5 years sober, and Currently living in Los Angeles, California. I have had the privilege to indulge in many outreach mission trips to places like Jamaica, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Mexico. Acting, directing and producing are the overall goal, but I am currently working in production as a coordinator. Life's too short, sky's the limit, you can fail pursuing a life you hate, so you might as well take a chance on something you love.