They say the men of today have lost what it means to be a man and a gentleman. I disagree. I believe we’re building a new kind of a man, we're creating a new idea of what a gentleman is. 


In order to move forward at times you have to learn from the past. We can learn from the men of yesterday in order to become better men today and also help to raise better men of tomorrow. One note I think we can take from the older generation is understanding that manners aren’t optional but essential. Manners are timeless. 


Below I have listed 5 practical manners that are essential for you, your son, someone you know or any young man you come across. Don’t miss an opportunity to make an impact with your actions. 




When a gentleman is in a crowded area or public place (restaurant, waiting room, subway train etc.) he offers his seat to someone in need of one. Especially the elderly and women. 



A gentleman holds the door for others. For men and women, as well as those exiting and entering a place. We don’t see this enough from men today. But whenever I do see it, it's appreciated. I believe women have almost forgotten what it’s like for men to get their car doors. If this is something you already practice, don’t stop and keep it up. If this is something you haven’t been putting into practice or no one’s ever taught you, it’s better late than never to start! And you don’t have to do this just for your wife or girlfriend. Do this for any lady that might be in your company. Change happens when our actions start to show something different than what society’s been accustomed to. 



Be on time. No matter if it’s for work, a date, a meeting, a gentleman tries his best to be on time. The goal with this isn’t to be perfect. Life happens. Sometimes there are circumstances that are out of our control that can hold you up. Being punctual isn't optional but essential. My advice to you is don’t make a habit out of being late to things. Especially events that matter to you or someone you care about. When you’re late to things over and over again it says you’re unreliable and that you don’t care enough. Because if you cared you would’ve been on time. It’s always better to show up a little early than a little late. 



A gentleman doesn't talk over someone when they're trying to speak or in a heated discussion. He keeps his composure. He listens, he waits & then responds when it's his turn to say something. 



A gentleman is never too good to say, 'please' when asking for something; 'thank you' when someone does something for him; 'excuse me' when trying to get around/pass by someone or wanting to get someone's attention. 

Founder & Creator of New Age Gents