You know what's not easy to do? You would think that being your true unfiltered, authentic self would be easy. Especially in front of your lady. Right? I mean we all tell corny jokes and don't think twice about if they're actually funny...right? You tell your wife or girlfriend you're afraid she might leave you for someone else, someone "better"....right? Because that's so natural for us to do as men. Right? Well, the truth is it's not easy and it hasn't been for most of you. 

So many of us have become guarded and cold over time. It's become a sign of strength in society for a man to not show emotion. In reality vulnerability = strength. We all have our reasons for being this way. Maybe your father had some big shoes to fill and you never felt like you could ever fill them. Or you tried to open up to someone you loved about your past, only to be met with judgement. For another man it might have been one instance or several that changed his life and he never truly recovered from it. 

Gentlemen, the beautiful thing is you don't have to stay this way. You have the opportunity every day to work on your heart and give yourself the love you need. Most of the time we block the love from the outside that needs to get inside. It's not easy owning your emotions and being transparent. If you can't embrace yourself then how do you expect someone else to? The journey of self-acceptance starts with you. You can't buy people's acceptance and love. Maybe for a season you can but ultimately you'll be met with a life of emptiness. The people you want in your life will love you no matter what you have or don't have. Their love for you isn't conditional. Especially when it comes to the woman you NEED in your life.

We build better men when we stop focusing on gaining more outwardly and build up the man inwardly. When the right woman for you comes along she will appreciate the man you are today and will see the child that lives inside of you, all at the same time. It's up to you to let the walls down & let her in. If you want to make a woman your world you must first let her into yours. Gentlemen, don't be afraid to show her the real you. It's okay to be you, because you are enough.

Founder & Creator of New Age Gents